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Delta Phi Epsilon


Letter From The President

Lauren Mergenthaler

"I am beyond honored and grateful to lead an organization of women who have shaped me into the person I am today. I have more than 250 of the most passionate, hardworking, and determined women I have ever met standing beside me - not next to me, but beside me - because in DPhiE that is the support system you will always have. Through DPhiE I have been fortunate enough to find my best friends, my biggest role models, and a lifelong community. I will forever cherish my college experience because of the relationships I have formed through this sisterhood and all of the opportunities and experiences that come with it."


Deepher Dude

Matt O'Brien

"Quite simply, being Deepher Man of the Year is nothing short of an honor. I am beyond grateful to have been chosen by such an amazing group of strong, independent, and talented women to represent what they all embody. The memories and friendships that I have formed with so many of these girls is something I will always continue to cherish. And for that all I can say is, thank you Delta Phi Epsilon.”