Delta Phi Epsilon


Letter From The President

Emme Watkins

“DPhiE has not only given me my best friends, but has given me role models to look up to, numerous resources to help me throughout college and after graduating, and a sisterhood of over 200 girls to support me throughout every high and low of life. It is this that has inspired and pushed me to run for president in order to give back to an organization that has given me so much. Before joining a sorority, I would have never seen myself taking on this position. Now, with the support and encouragement of my sisters, I am beyond grateful to lead such a wonderful community alongside sisters that will last a lifetime.”


Deepher Dude

Zack Polley

"It’s an absolute honor to be announced as the Deepher Dude. Having the opportunity to represent the most personable, outgoing, caring, optimistic, and intelligent group of women and what they stand for it is something I take pride in. Ive been given life long friends and memories that I would not trade for anything. Each and every sister brings something unique to the table making them the best group to be around. Seeing how dedicated they all are to their own individual interests, careers, and school work is more than motivating. I’m looking forward to continuing the friendships and memories so with that being said, thank you Delta Phi Epsilon"


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